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Sharing Hope in Christ in North America

Nothing is more powerful than giving another person Hope. The courage to step out in Faith and see their life and world transformed through Christ.

Beneath the covering of our tent - worship, prayer, love and Hope abound.


Exposing the enemy and 

encouraging people to

stand in the light of 

Jesus Christ.

An individual, family, or whole city - we encourage others through testimony and biblical truth, encouraging them to study the scriptures and make them personal daily.


Building upon the Hope of Jesus, encouraging men and women to come alongside one another in their walk and growth with Christ.

We go to great lengths to ensure those who give their lives to Christ have a means by which they can continue to grow and receive one on one discipleship.

“You cannot feed on someone else’s revelation.  
God doesn’t want you to be an echo, He wants you to be a voice.”

- Todd White

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How it works

  • You determine a place where we can set up a tent and hold a revival.

  • Working together we let other ministries and community partners know about the revival.

  • Our team rolls into town and sets up the tent, stage, chairs, lighting and sound equipment.

  • We hold nightly meetings whereby we share scripture, pray, worship and encourage others in the Faith.

  • Decision cards are collected and returned to your ministry leaders.

  • Bibles and discipleship training materials are distributed to anyone wanting a relationship with Jesus.

  • We stay as many nights as necessary and until the Spirit tells us to move on.

  • A secured and locked box is available for giving at all times to support the ongoing ministry of Help World Tour and the tent revival.


Get revival

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What to know

  • Help provides the tent and equipment, but we encourage your team to provide music and musicians for worship.

  • We have a specific message of Hope that we want to share with others, but if an event is scheduled for multiple nights, we welcome your input and teaching by those qualified to do so.

  • We do not provide or acquire permits to set up our tent. That is left up to you and your team if necessary. However, we do carry a $1,000,000 insurance policy in the event of accidents.

  • Public settings such as farms, parks, or private property are preferred over churches when setting up the tent. This provides a more neutral experience for those attending.



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