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  • 20 x 40' tent with sides

  • 60 folding chairs (400 lb capacity ea.)

  • 9' x 12' intellistage

  • Alesis 88 key Hammer-Action keyboard and stand

  • Behringer 18-ch 12-bus X Air Rack Mixer

  • Electro-Voice 12" 1000W ZLX Powered Speakers w/BT

  • Gator Frameworks speaker stands

  • 3 - Shure Dynamic Vocal Mics

  • 3 -Shure Dynamic Instrument Mics

  • 3 - On-Stage Stands Tripod Mic Std w/Boom

  • 3 - Gator Frameworks Tripod Mic Stand w/Tele Boom

  • 3 - Tripod Mic Stand w/Tele Boom

  • power cords and power strips

  • XLRF-XLRM Excellines Mic Cables

  • 2 - VIZIO 50-Inch 4K UHD Quantum Color LED HDR Smart TVs

  • 2 - pole mounts for smart tvs

  • Security locks and chains for stage, chairs and road cases.

  • Fire extinguisher

Software includes:

  • Pro Presenter 7

  • CCLI music license

  • Multi-Tracks license

  • Chart Pro subscription

  • iPad with Pro Presenter Remote


tent layout.001.jpeg

20' x 40'


  • 20' x 40' white tent with sides.

  • Seats 60 under the tent

  • 9' x 12' stage

  • audience and stage monitors

  • chairs included

  • old fashioned style LED lighting

  • 2 additional ez-ups for extended seating

  • fire marshal approved tent and certificate of compliance

  • $1,000,000 liablity insurance policy



  • You determine a place where we can set up a tent and hold a revival.

  • A minimum space of 60' x 40' is preferred for the tent and extra seating.

  • Power outlet within 100' or generator. Note: we can power everything from our tour bus, but it would need to be parked within 100' of the tent.

  • Permits if we are in a park or area in the city that requires one.

  • Restrooms close to the venue with easy access for handicapped.

  • 3 - 5 able bodies who can assist with putting the tent up and driving stakes. We'll need the same team or others to break down and pack up when the event ends.

  • Parking attendants if we are setting up in a field or area that requires vehicle coordination and safety.

  • Security. Our tour bus serves as our sleeping quarters. If it is onsite, we'll manage security, otherwise overnight and often daytime staff is necessary. We provide heavy duty chains and locks to secure all equipment on site.

  • Worship team, several individuals or a group who love to serve the Lord with this gifting. See the equipment list to see all that we provide. 

  • We'll schedule time to meet with your worship team and discuss their favorite songs and what to expect regarding the format and schedule


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