The Performance

A Theatrical Revival

Our performance is a classic tale of good and evil.  Because there is a villain who roams the earth and he's after our souls !   Dramatic, tender, funny, filled with inspiring music, illusions and special effects.  Help! The Performance gives audiences a whimsical look inside the art of illusion, while challenging their minds to see the truth behind the deception.  All the while the Gospel message is revealed in a very real and tangible fashion.

the act of propagating a belief that is not true


that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality


Our performance gives a very clear example of how Satan deceives us and the means by which he does so.  We show audiences how you can break free of his lies and embrace God's truth.

Inadequate, Guilty, Unloved, Unworthy...

These are lies we are told every day by our enemy Satan and sometimes those close to us.  Through the use of Illusions, we reveal to audiences their identity in Christ and how they can be free of these lies.