RoundUp Giving - it ain't no Rodeo!

Many churches and nonprofits are grabbing their share of giving in the New Year.

In the process they've discovered there's more than just spare change to support their cause.

Roundup Giving… What is it?

Roundup Giving is the simple idea of rounding up a purchase and giving the spare "change" to your favorite charity. Roundup Giving started as a “Point Of Sale” tool to help companies feel good about offering support for their favorite charity according to America's Charity Checkout Champion's Report.

Over the past 5 years, Roundup Giving is estimated to have raised over $440 million dollars, $4.1 billion has been raised over the past 3 decades.

Who uses it?

The the largest industry sectors that provide Roundup Giving, according to the Medal of Philanthropy, are mass merchandise and specialty retail, the cause areas are typical to hunger, health and social services.

So it's no wonder churches and nonprofits are taking a closer look at shifting the giving arena away from retail and into their own front doors.

Roundup, GiveTide and CoinUp are just a few of the apps available for iPhone and Android. But few focus on retaining donors as well as increased giving.

How can you use it?

Continue to Give, the online faith based giving platform has integrated Roundup Giving into the donation process, so it provides a seamless and easy way for donors to make their one time or recurring donations while also providing an easy Roundup option.

The program is focused at giving individuals who don't normally give, a chance to support their church or a non profit they have become associated with.

Through a secure encryption process, Continue to Give tally's up a donors credit card purchases over a one month period, rounds up the totals to the nearest dollar and calculates a total giving number which is then automatically donated to the donors pre-selected charity of choice.

Donors can cap their total and can run easy reports through Continue to Give’s reporting tools to keep track of their donations.

A team of researchers at NC State University's say, ""rounding up is the way to go."

Eric Helmick, Sales Business Advisor for Continue to Give says, "Roundup Giving beats the bruises of asking donors to give and instead Roundup!"

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