Has God called you?

"If you haven't heard from God,

then take up your dream and

fulfill the great commission."



God said to go.  It’s the great commission, the call to save the lost.  But that’s all he said.  He didn’t say Go… and do it like this or this.  What we’re left with is the example of Jesus’ life and the call to go.  Some people have heard a specific call.  Reinhardt Bonnke for example, heard the call to go to Africa… a specific call.

        Many people say “I’m waiting to hear from God” or “God is being silent in my life right now”.  Well here’s what I have to say to that, have you been called?  These people would say no.  But I say “yes!”  "You have been called" Mathew 28:18-20 says to go and preach the gospel!  That is the call to every Christian, none excluded.  It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are or what you're doing… God is talking to you!

        How do you fulfill the great commission?  God may be speaking very specifically to you, revealing to you the specific steps you need to take or maybe just the big picture (go and save Africa).  Or maybe he hasn’t said anything and all you’re left with is a dream.  A dream of becoming a dancer, illusionist, singer, artist, movie star, teacher, astronaut, firefighter, etc. And you are waiting for him to speak.

        If this is you, then wait no more.  God has called you to share the gospel.  You have a dream.  And unless God says otherwise, take up your dream and use it to fulfill the great commission.  God has called, will you take a risk and follow him?


Hunter James - Vice President, Help! World Tour

II Corinthians 4:3-6
Lays out a clear picture of your involvment in the ministry of Help !
v. 3. Christ came to save that which was lost (Mt. 17:11 ), and the gospel of Christ is sent to save such; and, if this do not find and save them, they are lost for ever; they must never expect any thing else to save them, for there is no other method or means of salvation.   The hiding of the gospel therefore from souls is both an evidence and cause of their ruin.   The god of this world hath blinded their minds.
v. 4. They are under the influence and power of the devil, who is here called the god of this world, and elsewhere the prince of this world, because of the great interest he has in this world, the homage that is paid to him by multitudes in this world, and the great sway that, by divine permission, he bears in the world, and in the hearts of his subjects, or rather slaves. And as he is the prince of darkness, and ruler of the darkness of this world, so he darkens the understandings of men, and increases their prejudices, and supports his interest by keeping them in the dark, blinding their minds with ignorance, and error, and prejudices, that they should not behold the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God.
Christ’s design by his gospel is to make a glorious discovery of God to the minds of men. Thus, as the image of God, he demonstrates the power and wisdom of God, and the grace and mercy of God for their salvation.
- Mathew Henry