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“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. 

Action breeds confidence and courage.

If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.

Go out and get busy.”

-Dale Carnegie

Has God called you?

If you don't know the answer, read what Help!'s founders have to say...




vanuatu | australia | SPRING & SUMMER 2019 | 2 week & 4 week tours

Join a short term mission tour and let your adventure begin!

Start down under and see some of Australia's greatest attractions to include the outback, Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, and a visit to Hillsong, Australia.

Then fly to the island of Efate, Vanuatu where you'll be immersed in village life while working alongside others to build fresh water tanks, a church, education center, and emergency evacuation center.

All that is required is passion!

administrator | proposal writer

FIELD OR HOME BASE | START DATE: as soon as possible

Are you passionate about what God is doing around the world in missions?  We need your help to tell our story and testimonies at a deeper level. Putting stories into written form, you will inspire others to step out if faith and watch God do the impossible over and over again.

Stay where you are or relocate with us and help administer our teams world wide with lodging, travel, health and support details.



Be a part of an international team, using your gifts to inspire and lead others.

Work hands on with partners, churches and local villages building fresh water tanks, teaching life skills, and evangelizing.



Be a part of an international team, using your gifts to inspire and lead others.

Supervise the construction of a new church, education center and emergency evacuation center for the village of Teouma.


FIELD OR HOME BASE | START DATE: as soon as possible

We need you to tell our story louder. Leverage social media and the media world wide to share what Help World Tour is doing to change people's lives for the Kingdom of Christ.

Meet The Cast ~ Past & Present

E W Helmick

Denver, Colorado USA

Is an award winning screenwriter, playwright chef, father of 5, married to his beautiful bride for over 30 years.  E W's passion is to see families strengthened and founded on a firm belief of their faith in God.

Terry Helmick

Denver, Colorado USA

A home school mom, she has home schooled all 5 of her children through High School.  She has served as a missionary in Guatemala, and is by far the most graceful hostess you will ever meet.

Hunter James

McMinnville, OR USA

Hunter is Co-founder of Help! World Tour.  He has been studying illusions for over 14 years.  He has performed around the world, attended YWAM in Byron Bay, Australia - and teaches regular classes in psychology and the art of perception.  Hunter became the first American to swim Australia's longest river, the River Murray, over 2400km in length with his father and brother, Tuck with

Team Help!

Tuck Helmick

Denver, Colorado USA

Is an award winning film maker and animator.  He is the founder of Mafia Pasta Films and co founder of Help! World Tour.  Tuck is a skilled knife thrower and actor.

Cydney Simpson

McMinnville, OR USA

Is a talented artist and culinary student from Oregon, USA.  She enjoys drawing, painting, hiking, and being silly with people she loves.

She has been with Help! tours in Australia and Vanuatu and served as lead kayaker on Team Help!'s journey down the Murray River.  She is on a daily mission to courageously follow Christ, His plan for her life, and to share His love with others.

Jennaleigh Turvey

Hobart, Tasmania AU

From Tasmania, Jennaleigh joined Help! in 2016 and was instrumental in developing characters for the Australian tour as well as playing a key administrative role in the Team Help! swim down the Murray River.  Today, Jennaleigh works in child care and continues her passion for singing and worship.

Alyssa Wright

Chico, California USA

Alyssa is a song writer and worship leader.  She joined Help! World Tour for their Australian Tour and also served as a kayaker on the Team Help! River Murray swim.  Alyssa has served in numerous countries including Mexico, as a missionary.  She speaks fluent Spanish.

Micha Thieme

Nuremberg, Germany

Micha brought to life the character of the devil in Help!'s Australian Tour.  His ability to learn juggling and illusions was key to his role which he took incredibly seriously.  Currently, Micah works in child care in Germany.

Sienna McKinley

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Is a talented dancer and acrobat.  She has studied dance and theater since she was a young girl, including Irish dancing which she contributed to in Help!'s Australian Tour.

Currently she is attending Hillsdale College.

Kim Wegkamp

Nieuw-Schoonebekerveld, Netherlands

Is a dancer, actress, and grip and used all of her talents to develop Help!'s Australian Tour.  From the Netherlands, Kim served in YWAM Southlands in Melbourne, AU.  She now lives in the Netherlands working as...

Rachel  Grace


Help! World Tour 2015

Timothy Harris


Help! World Tour 2015

Andrew Gilbert


Help! World Tour 2015

Anaiah Mantey


Help! World Tour 2015

Hayley Ross


Byron Bay, NSW Australia


Help! World Tour 2016

Erika Laugesen


Mildura, Vic Australia


Help! World Tour 2015

Corryong Youth

Join Help!

Corryong, Victoria Australia

Have youth in your church or youth group that want to learn theatrical skills?  Have them join Help! for a week, two or more and see their skills come to life!

You are...

A talented individual with a passion to serve others and share the good news of Christ!

You love the outdoors, travel and thrive on epic adventures!

You are...

Awesome!  Because you see God's big picture for ministry, evangelism, and outreach.  You know that those in His service are giving all they have to spread the Good News of Jesus.  Your donation of any amount is never insignificant in God's eyes - or ours!  You want to know what the need is and you'll find a way to make it happen!  To which we are eternally grateful!